Home-Based Physical Activity Program For Advanced Cancer


Currently we do not know how physical activity and quality of life are related in people with advanced cancer. The goal of this study is to find out whether a home-based physical activity program could be used to improve physical function and overall quality of life in people with advanced cancer.

The Study

One researcher and one exercise therapist will supervise a six-week long physical activity program in the participant?s home. The program will include two components:

  1. walking, and
  2. basic strength training using therabands and ankle/wrist weights.
  • The participant will also be asked to wear an activity monitor which measures the amount of time that you spend walking, standing, sitting and lying down.
  • All supervision and all equipment are provided to the participant free of charge for the duration of the study. 

Both before and after the six-week program, the researcher and exercise therapist will administer an interview questionnaire and basic physical function tests with the participant in their home. During the interview, the participant will be asked about

  • their quality of life,
  • their current symptoms,
  • and their level of physical function.

During the physical function tests, the participant will be asked to walk, to transfer from sitting in a chair to standing, and to try seated strength and flexibility tests.

The entire study will be carried out and supervised in the participant's home. The researcher and exercise therapist will provide individual supervision, and will tailor the physical activity program to the participant?s level of physical functioning and ability. 

Eligible participants are:

  1. 18 years of age or older
  2. be able to understand, provide written informed consent in, and speak English 
  3. have a diagnosis of progressive, incurable, locally recurrent or metastatic cancer 
  4. have a physician-estimated prognosis of between 3 and 12 months

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