Activity Promotion Trial (ACTION)

Summary of the ACTION Trial

The Activity Promotion (ACTION) Trial, led by my former doctoral student Dr. Jeff Vallance ( Athabasca University ), was a randomized behavior change trial designed to determine the effects of breast cancer-specific print materials (an exercise guidebook), a step pedometer, or their combination on physical activity and quality of life in breast cancer survivors. The guidebook was first developed and evaluated for its suitability, appropriateness, content, and theoretical base [Vallance et al. Health Ed. Beh. 2008; 35 :174-89] . In the primary paper, we found that all three intervention groups significantly increased their physical activity compared to the standard recommendation group [Vallance et al. J. Clin. Onc. 2007; 25 :2352-9] . In an important mediation analysis, we found that the interventions resulted in favorable changes in attitude, intention, and planning, which partially mediated the effects of the intervention on physical activity [Vallance et al. Ann. Beh. Med. 2008; 35 :150-8] . Finally, we found that several demographic, behavioral, psychosocial, and motivational variables predicted continued exercise adherence six months after the intervention [Vallance et al. Am. J. Health Beh. 2010; 34 :225-36] .

Publications from the ACTION Trial

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